Bodmin riding FESTIVAL 

Folk dancing is a long-established Cornish tradition, and what better way to continue a tradition than to put it in the hands of the town’s youth? The Children’s Dance is a wonderful custom, and part of its charm is that some of those who danced as children now dance with their children, passing on the tradition and creating a new generation of memories. It’s clear that in the Children’s Dance we see the future of the Bodmin Riding Festival. 

Dancing in one form or another is a long-held tradition of Bodmin Riding. Dancing and merrymaking is usually always accompanied by our very own Bodmin Riding tune, a very old and much loved folk song which can be heard throughout the festivities (and has even been recorded as a heavy metal version, hear it below!) 

The Children's Dance has been supported in the past by local schools, community groups and recently, two of Bodmin's fantastic Youth Dance groups, KBSK Perfromaing Arts and Future Youth Dance. The team are always looking for lots more children to take part, and even big kids can join in too, adults are welcome to follow along behind the procession - the more the merrier!  You can find out how to get involved and hear the news on their facebook page, or by signing up to the Bodmin Riding Festival newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

Don’t miss the Children’s Dance on Bodmin Riding Day - the First Saturday in July - find out more on their facebook page.

The Children's Dance 2016

The Bodmin riding tune

Did you know...?


Accounts from previous centuries tell of a ragtag band assembling at the town’s turret clock and striking up the riding tune to wake up the revellers on the stroke of 4am on Riding Day - and continuing until 8am when they would head off for breakfast! They would assemble again at the close of the day with a procession of dancers, who would carry floral garlands through the street accompanied by the tune. In those days the celebrations lasted for a week, so we suspect not all of the townsfolk were grateful of a 4am wake-up call! 

The Bodmin riding tune (METAL VERSION)

The Bodmin riding tune

(Bodmin Dubbing Version)